We've moved! Check out AFoodComa.com!

We're happy to introduce our new project!

Le Petit Cochon was a fun ride while it lasted, but I'm on to bigger (and hopefully better) adventures. Old posts have been deleted and moved to the new space.

A Food Coma is a collaborative effort among a bunch of passionate young food lovers and wannabe-chefs from New Jersey. We love cooking just as much as we love eating - and writing about it!

So please check out www.afoodcoma.com for recipes, instructional videos, restaurant and product reviews, sexy food photos and more!

See you there,
Alexandra Harcharek



WINGQUEST 2011 said...

Hey, I have a blog for the Philadelphia area called Wing Quest, the goal of which being to find the best wings in Philadelphia. I was just curious as to what it would take to have our blog featured on your site or even just a link shout out. We would be more than glad to return the favor. Our web address is Wingquest2011.blogspot.com


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